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Wild Child Wine Tasting

60 mins
1-1000 ppl
Kit included
About the event

Looking for something wild? Venture out into new territory during your next happy hour.

Hosted by In Good Taste Wines, this tasting is composed of eight non-traditional wines–perfect for when you (and your palate) are feeling adventurous. You won’t taste convention in these free-spirited, by-the-glass bottles. Each is a hard-to-find and one-of-a-kind instant classic.

Say goodbye to the ordinary, and follow us where the wild things are.

Event includes kit delivery
To account for shipping, you will need to provide a list of participants and shipping addresses 16 days in advance.
  • Restrictions for the United States:

    We do not ship to Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, or Utah. We do not ship to PO boxes.

  • Restrictions for outside the United States:

    We do not ship outside of the United States.

What you’ll be shipped
  • La Pluma - Vermentino
  • Game Theory - Gewürztraminer
  • Stealing Thunder - Rosé of Sangiovese
  • Red Tide Wines - Barbera
  • Mr B - Sangiovese
  • Game Theory - Tempranillo
  • Fortune Favors - Mourvèdre
  • Balance of Powers - Souzao
What you’ll need to bring
  • At least 2 wine glasses
  • Water
  • Snacks (Charcuterie board...Doritos... Up to you!)
How to prepare
  • Refrigerate the entire flight for at least 1 hour prior to your tasting (yep, even the reds!)
  • Take them all out at the beginning of the tasting and remove the plastic wraps from the top of each bottle. (The reds will warm up to the right temperature by the time we get to them.)
  • Open each mini bottle right before the tasting to let the wines breathe.
Additional Info

La Pluma - Vermentio

The thin-skinned, aromatic Vermentino grape hails from Sardinia, a Mediterranean island known for its postcard-perfect coastlines. Finding its home away from home among the rich soil and rolling hills of California's Lodi region, this zesty and crisp wine is as rejuvenating as a day at the beach.

  • Vintage: 2019 / AVA: Clement Hills, CA
  • Tasting Notes: Aromas of fresh flowers. Melon, citrus, and white pepper on the palate
  • Food Pairing: Medium-weight dishes that play with rich herbs and spices, like crab cakes or a Krabby Patty
  • Feels Like: Going to the book club when you actually read the book

Game Theory - Gewürztraminer

Gewürztraminer is a mouthful, but think of its many, many syllables as your first taste of sweet, tropical flavor. Richly golden, with hints of rose and ripe pineapple, this cool-climate grape is like your super-chill French pen pal who grew up in a literal castle. And once they move out to SoCal? They totally live up to the hype.

  • Vintage: 2019 / AVA: Santa Barbara, CA
  • Tasting Notes: Aromas of ginger, palate of lime and pineapple
  • Food Pairing: Dishes with rose water or ginger, gingerbread cookies
  • Feels Like: Your friend canceling the Sunday morning hike you ambitiously committed to while out late on Saturday

Stealing Thunder - Rosé of Sangiovese

The savory, berry-colored Sangiovese grape is tough to find in California, where it makes up only half a percent of red wine growth. Thankfully, we've tracked down and bottled this delicate, mouthwateringly acidic rosé, pale pink and ripe with the tropically tart taste of passion fruit. Like revenge and leftover pizza, it's best served cold.

  • Vintage: 2020 / AVA: Mendocino County, CA
  • Tasting Notes: Zesty grapefruit, strawberry and raspberry
  • Food Pairing: Teriyaki chicken, orange chicken, Thai curries, Panda Express
  • Feels Like: Getting to the register right before a big line forms

Red Tide Wines - Barbera

The heat tolerant barbera grape is less wild in the Piedmont Region of Italy, where it's an every day drinking wine. It's found a home away from home in the warmest regions of California. This mood-agnostic barbera can be enjoyed from poolside to snowy cabin.

  • Vintage: 2019 / AVA: California
  • Tasting Notes: Bright, intense cherry aromas and flavors
  • Food Pairing: Higher-tannin foods that complement bright acidity like dark meats, mushrooms, and herb-heavy dishes, or a Five Guys burger
  • Feels Like: Forgetting sunscreen but not getting burned

Mr B | Sangiovese

Slow to ripen and beautifully balanced, Sangiovese is so beloved in Italy that it's actually called "the blood of Jupiter" (or, for those more Greek mythology-inclined, Zeus). Pinot- and syrah-lovers will adore the combination of rich vanilla from an oak aging process with sweet, juicy black cherry. Each sip is velvety smooth and 100% worthy of the King of the Gods.

  • Vintage: 2018 / AVA: Paso Robles, CA
  • Tasting Notes: Black cherry & vanilla
  • Food Pairing: Classic, tomato-based dishes like red sauce pasta or spaghetti and meatballs, or Red Vines candy
  • Feels Like: Winning the Hamilton lottery

Game Theory - Tempranillo

Tempranillo vines are unique due to their jagged leaves which change colors in the fall, but we think the best thing about them is the flagrantly smoky grapes they grow. Native to the gorgeous green valleys of Rioja, Spain, and grown on California's Central Coast, this rustic, oak-aged wine is perfect for fans of cabernet sauvignon. Just be prepared to have a new favorite.

  • Vintage: 2019 / AVA: Lodi, CA
  • Tasting Notes: Palate of dried fig, cedar, and cacao
  • Food Pairing: Spanish cuisine or grilled meats, lasagna and corn-based dishes, or Candy Corn
  • Feels Like: Deciding to join the Running of the Bulls

Fortune Favors - Mourvèdre

Also called Mataro or Monastrell, some scholars link Mourvèdre to the Phoenicians, meaning it is almost as old as our alphabet. But like Beyonce in the Destiny's Child days, this full-bodied, jammy wine shows up much more in blends, without a chance to shine on its own. Thankfully, our how-climate, Californian version is shaking things up, bottling them for a meaty, spicy flavor that's sure to steal the show.

  • Vintage: 2018 / AVA: Sierra Foothills, CA
  • Tasting Notes: Jam, blackberry, and cherry on the palate
  • Food Pairing: Meats with umami, like short ribs and pork shoulder, or dishes with black pepper and soy sauce, or White Cheddar Cheez-Its
  • Feels Like: Sending a risky text and seeing the "..." appear

Balance of Powers - Souzao

The most delicious grape you’ve never heard of. Originally from Portugal where it’s used in the production of port and table wines, souzao is known for its intense flavor, color and full body.

  • Vintage: 2018 / AVA: Lodi, CA
  • Tasting Notes: Black currant, licorice, and spices on the palate
  • Food Pairing: Cured meat or cheese, grilled fish, or Swedish Fish candy
  • Feels Like: Sneaking candy into the movie theater
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Hosted by In Good Taste

Event Stats

People who have enjoyed this event
Ingrid was amazing! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. Our guests really enjoyed engaging on screen and in chat, everything had a very natural flow. The tasting wines were of great quality and guests had a lot of interesting thoughts to share about food pairings and tasting notes, overall the experience brought us closer.
Lillian K.


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